Did you know that at Weinviertel Peanuts to grow? or that of Seewinkel Ginger Is he growing up? And all this in Organic quality? No? So you should read now, because both Burgenland organic ginger as good as Organic Peanut Butter from Lower Austria are among the products that Vital Austria In collaboration with Biorama and Messe Wiedelburg for Organic products of the year They were chosen.

Innovative and diverse

Products evaluated in one place multi-step process According to different standards and adapted in total Nine categoriesin which the prize was awarded. The many requests from all the Länder reflect this Variety and quality of organic products Via Austria, as stated in the press release. Award-winning products will show any of them innovation power Austrian organic farmers and organic processors will have Vital Austria He quoted President Gertraud Grabmann.

Organic products from 2022

  • Category “Farm and crafts”: Weinviertel organic peanut butter by Roman & Stefan Romstorfer
    What 2017 with field test Organic peanuts It started, it can be seen today and above all, it can be enjoyed! “100% organic, 100% peanuts and a little salt, 0% clombate”, sum up the brothers.
  • Category “Farm and Handicraft – Lower Austria”: Organic chickpea miso from Genusskoarl
    Hearty spice paste 100% dynamic start It can be used universally: it gives soups, vegetables, wok dishes, stews, marinades, dressings, among others, a unique and spicy aroma.
  • Category “Farm and crafts – Upper Austria”: “I will stay in a farm” Organic veal Sonnberg
    who who Me at It comes from the farms of Mühlviertel, Waldviertel and Mostviertel, which raised their calves with their own organic milk directly on the farm.
  • Category “Distribution and Major Brands”: Yes! Of course, the organic Seewinkel ginger from Pusztahof Michlits organic
    subordinate family affair In northern Burgenland, Oliver Micheletz is the fourth generation to lead it. Growing ginger is very demanding, so it is gratifying that high-quality organic ginger from Austria is now available – now also in plastic-free packaging.
  • Category “Beverages”: Organic Wildshut Gin Stiegl-Gut Wildshut Gin
    with gin Stiegl-Gut WildshutThe first brewing farm in Austria, based on old grains of organic quality. The result: a genius with a strong personality.
  • “Beverages” category: Wetterhof Randig ginger drink
    Randig is the Vorarlberg term for beet. It will be the same Wetterhof It grows in Lustenau and gives the drink its own color. All other ingredients are also from Austrian organic farming.
  • Category “Vital Austria”: Organic Speckup beef bacon powder from Robert Weißengruber
    “Today in particular, a lot of people are looking to cut down on their meat consumption,” he says. Robert Weissingruber. Thanks to a seasoning made from 97% grated smoked beef, this is possible without having to give up the popular taste.
  • Category “Organic Garden”: Seeds “Natural Us”
    Global sustainable concept – Since 2019 “Of course ours” As the first completely climate-free and CO2-free organic Austrian brand, the packaging is made from 100% grass-fed paper and mostly Austrian seeds. Depending on the season, a hundred different species are available.
  • “Comfort” category: Spreadable cheese with rebellious meat vegetables
    In addition to organic meat, it is the natural and vegetable ingredients that make rebellious meat Bio-Käsekrainer is more sustainable, healthier and more digestible than pure meat types. The meat used can be traced back to the farms and the highest animal welfare standards are applied from breeding to slaughter.

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