Beatus Malema, deputy director of crop promotion, agricultural inputs and cooperatives at the agriculture ministry, said a special office has already been formed at the ministry to facilitate the campaign that will unveil the opportunities offered by agriculture. ecological.

“This is just a starting point after a period of approximately two years of negotiations with stakeholders in the agricultural sector, the government firmly believes that organic farming is safe for present and future generations in terms of health and conservation, ”said Malema.

He said green farming will also free farmers from diseases caused by consuming conventional staples that involve the use of highly toxic industrial inputs. He said that at the Second National Ecological Organic Agriculture Conference to be held in Dodoma in October, stakeholders will further discuss the topic and how best to tap the global market.

Malema further noted that the country has already invested in organic farming inputs, citing the Manyara-based Minjingu fertilizer plant as one of them. “We have launched a research project at Sokoine University of Agriculture in relation to organic farming and its promotion,” he added.

According to him, for other initiatives to promote organic farming, the government is working on a plan to establish a center of excellence at Bihawana in Dodoma that will provide inputs for organic farming. The center will be an addition to the existing Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI).

“For nearly three years, the ministry has been inviting farmers to showcase native seeds at the Nane Nane Fair Exhibition, while urging extension officers at the district level to encourage farmers to collect and preserve native seeds, ”he noted.

Commenting on the subject, the President of the Organic Agriculture Movement of Tanzania, Dr Mwantima Juma said that organic farming represents the future of the agricultural industry in the country. “We need to protect the world, especially our country, from the threats of conventional agriculture. Think of the people who die of cancer each year from consuming foods from conventional agriculture, which 90 percent depend on industrial inputs, ”explained Dr Juma.

“We, those involved in organic farming, are happy to see the government start playing its role to promote it, but we call on the general public to favor organic foods for their health. We also call on farmers to start practicing organic farming because its products are in great demand around the world, ”she noted while affirming that it is high time for farmers to consider not only maximizing returns. yields, but also to examine the effects of conventional agriculture.

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