Results and perspectives of Italian and European organic products highlighted at MacFrut


After more than a year and a half of remote events, webinars and initiatives that have brought life to the bond between producers, professionals and consumers, the events in attendance are finally back. To celebrate this important Made in Nature comeback, the project funded by the European Union and CSO Italy to promote the consumption of organic food in Italy, France and Germany, now in its final year, organized at MacFrut in Rimini a presentation event dedicated to journalists, buyers and industry professionals.

Made in Nature partner companies (Brio, Canova, Conserve Italia, Lagnasco Group, RK Growers, Veritas Biofrutta and Mazzoni) participated to talk about organic trends and production prospects. Through their presentations, Luca Mari, CSO Italy project manager, Luca Zocca, Brio marketing manager, Angelica Batani Canova marketing manager and Francesco Ricchieri, Veritas Biofrutta export sales manager, illustrated the pre and post Covid trends, in emphasizing the importance of continuing to promote organic cultivation among consumers and the excellence of their products in Italy and abroad.

In his introduction, Luca Mari from Cso Italy drew attention to the objectives of the project, to “the importance of communicating organic not only from the point of view of production but its role in daily life and for the environment. . Now in its final year, Made in Nature has enabled companies to promote themselves in target countries with targeted actions, focusing on trade shows, in-store events and online communication, especially during the Covid period. , which produced excellent results. That is why we decided to resubmit the project for another three years. “

“After the year of the pandemic, our data showed that they continued to grow, performing well even during the summer campaign despite the initial stone fruit shortages caused by adverse weather conditions,” said Angelica Batani of Canova, “This growth has been confirmed also in the foreign market where we have recorded encouraging and growing results. Projects like Made in Natura are also important in raising awareness among European consumers about organic products, which are also on the rise in Italy and in France, while in Germany they are already firmly the main consumers of the world. “

“Veritas Biofrutta has its core business of exporting and for us too, the market has been maintained in recent years”, confirms Francesco Ricchieri of Veritas Biofrutta, “despite the lack of stone fruits and pears have created some problems , with brassicas we have also succeeded in compensating thanks to exports. Italian organic is more and more in demand thanks to its quality and has enabled us to open up to a market also outside Europe, confirming the good performance of Germany, from France and Scandinavia, which are proving more and more receptive to Italian quality. “

“For Brio and Alce Nero,” said Luca Zocca, “we saw a slight decline in Italian domestic sales in the first months of this year, which were however offset by exports. We have worked hard to try to extend Italian production, increasing the supply chain and production areas, also improving from the varietal point of view and reviewing our packaging with a more sustainable key.Distribution with good performance on apples, kiwis, pears and asparagus, while waiting to start with the pomegranate and persimmon from the end of September. “

Across Europe, organic farming experienced a significant moment of expansion in 2020, marking an increase in consumption and sales which, with the arrival of 2021, coincided with an increase in hectares and businesses devoted to this. type of agriculture. Italy is the first country for producers (80,000, source BioFach 2021). According to CSO Italy estimates, the first six months of 2021 in Italy saw a total of 113,000 tonnes purchased, a number higher than the average for the three-year pre-Covid period but 4% lower than in 2020. L The penetration index, although slightly down compared to 2020, it stands at 56% of the total, up from 53% in 2019, with volumes recording + 1% in traditional supermarkets.

Made in Nature will continue its promotional activities until the end of 2021, by offering innovative communication formats, closely linked to social networks and which will involve consumers in Italy, France and Germany with the fresh and processed organic product from the main companies of Italian production such as Brio. , Canova, Conserve Italia, Lagnasco Group, RK Growers, Veritas Biofrutta and Mazzoni Surgelati.

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