“The tomato season was disappointing in terms of yield in summer due to extreme drought. We can hardly deliver the planned quantities to our customers. The climate has been a concern for years, along with exorbitant cost increases at every stage of production. the production line. And although the selling prices have also increased, even for high-quality processed products, it is not possible to exceed a certain threshold so as not to put additional pressure on the purchasing power of families,” said said Fiorenza Grillo, owner of the Sicilian cultivation company Azienda Agricola del Grillo with her father Carlo and brother Giuseppe.

Florence Grillo

The company has an area of ​​92 hectares in the province of Trapani, of which about 7 are dedicated to the open-field cultivation of tomatoes grown without irrigation in an area where the rains are rare. For three generations, the company has also organically grown olives and wine grapes of native and foreign varieties. In 2016, the Grillo family decided to also process fruits and vegetables to add more value to their products.

The first product the company started with was tomato sauce (called passata), available in a 680g format, followed by peeled tomatoes, hand-peeled one at a time, and tomato sauce with basil. All three processed products are organic.

“Placing whole tomatoes in glass jars while preserving the flavor is a skill that involves high production costs. The difference with conventional industrially processed products is significant. No preservatives are added to processed products. The company produces around 30,000 bottles of tomato sauce. explained Fiorenza Grillo.

Passata is obtained by the vacuum concentration of hand-picked tomatoes. The tomatoes are heated in a very carefully designed process and at low temperatures to retain their flavor.

“During the Sana Fair, we presented some novelties such as wine from native grape varieties and extra virgin olive oil, also from two native varieties: Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuola. The pressing of the olives is done mechanically, eliminating interruptions during processing to ensure a very high quality oil. Cold pressing guarantees the preservation of minerals, vitamins and substances with antioxidant properties,” concluded Fiorenza Grillo.

Agricola del Grillo is a constantly evolving company. The next project is to strengthen the marketing of its processed products abroad and also to take advantage of flexible marketing channels so that consumers can easily find the products.

The company sells 50% of its products in Italy in specialized stores. The rest goes abroad, notably to Germany, France and the United States. It collaborates with restaurants, purchasing centers and delicatessens.

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