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The city government of Ormoc plans to be recognized as the organic food basket of the Visayas as it marks the 75th charter day on Thursday.

Addressing key local and national officials gathered at the Ormoc Superdome, Mayor Lucy Torres-Gomez said their place was ideal to earn the tag given its size.

“The city is unique because it is endowed with both fertile plains and highlands, giving us the ideal conditions to produce high-value fruits and vegetables,” Gomez said at the event attended by President Ferdinand R. Marcos and some cabinet members.

Last month, the city government drew up an expanded support plan for small and medium-sized farmers, dubbed the Ormoc Organic Program.

The program, according to the mayor, provides farmers with marketing, sales, processing, packaging and value addition support.

Gomez said Ormoc City continues to be an agricultural town with support to farmers such as distribution of agricultural inputs, grants, community gardening in partnership with 13 schools and institutions, support for livelihood development and organic farming products, training and advocacy, agricultural equipment and fisheries management and licensing services.

The city also aims to produce local organic fertilizers that are feasible and applicable in the region. (NAP)

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