happier being responsible for the health of consumers, the planet and its biodiversity, and farmers,” says Radhakrishnan (RKAY).

Diversified product portfolio
18 Herbs offers a wide range of organic products including Herbal Teas (Laxa Health Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Premium Green Tea with Tulsi/Amla/Lemon/Mint), Indian Turmeric Tea, Dia Health Tea, Premium Black Tea, Indian Masala Tea, and Premium Black Tea), Desi Ghee (A2 Desi Cow Ghee and Desi Ghee with Brahmi/Amla), Fresh Juice Concentrates (Noni Fruit, Amla & Aloe Vera), Edible Oils Traditionally Pressed on Wood (Coconut, Sesame , Ground Nuts) and Therapeutic Oils (Stress Relief, Joint Pain, Hair and Skin Care).

We are on a mission to do our best to make this planet healthier and happier by being responsible for the health of consumers, the planet and its biodiversity, and farmers.

Differentiating factors
18 Herbs, unlike other organic companies, rejects industrial agriculture and works with a network of smallholder farmers in South India who are all committed to producing high quality, natural and healthy fruits and herbs. GMO free. Additionally, it is strictly against animal testing and the use of synthetic preservatives in its products. The 18 Herbs team of scientists specializes in national and international research projects in the cultivation, processing, nutritional science, biotechnology and toxicology of organic herbs, helping us to offer the best wellness products. biological.

18 Herbs also follows all safety standards as per industry standards, and all of its products are tested in-house lab as well as NABL accredited labs. Each product undergoes 100% quality control and a COA document and a safety data sheet are made available for each batch after being tested in its internal laboratory. “We are actively planning to launch a few more qualifying products in new categories. Additionally, we are further exploring the global market and ensuring deeper penetration into the Indian market,” Radhakrishnan concludes while explaining his company’s future plans.

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