Keebee Organics, a brand of sustainable, ethical and organic clothing, is aimed at children from 0 to 10 years old. They create products with the comfort of children in mind, as well as ease of dressing for parents.

It offers 100% organic clothing certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which confirms the organic status of the raw material and guarantees a socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing process.

Synthetic fabrics are known to have health issues, which is why the brand only uses certified organic fabrics and dyes that are safe for sensitive children’s skin. Free from harmful chemicals, their products are hypoallergenic and safe for your child and the environment.

What is on offer?

Keebee’s premium organic collection includes basic and ethnic clothing for boys and girls in soft, breathable cotton. Basics range from jumpsuits, jablas, dresses, swaddles, towels to underwear, while ethnic clothing includes kurta sets for boys and lehenga sets for girls.

Towards sustainable development

Keebee Organics was born out of the need to create more sustainable and safer clothing brands for children. They intend to make organic clothing easily accessible and more affordable for the average consumer.

Commenting on the importance of sustainable clothing, Vandana Kalagara, Founder of Keebee Organics, said: “Customer behavior must be changed for a sustainable future. Through KeeBee Organics, we aim to provide customers with options to help them adopt sustainable practices. Our 100% organic clothing promotes fairer and safer working conditions; saves natural resources and reduces the carbon footprint on the earth. Customers should also be aware of the product they are buying and thus we provide full transparency in our production process. It’s a small effort we’ve made to promote minimalism ”.

Consumers can get their hands on these organic, healthy and super cute kids on their website and other ecommerce websites including Firstcry, Myntra, LittleMuffet, Amazon, and more.

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