FRIEND launches online series on organic food systems and the opportunities this could bring

FRIEND has launched a series on Organic Food Systems which will allow people to learn about organic farming and the opportunities it could bring.

Speaking at the launch, FRIEND Founder and CEO Sashi Kiran said they have generated a lot of interest from the organic farming community in Fiji.

She said there was not a lot of information readily available and they were continually asked to build capacity in this area.

Kiran says the online series will continue over the next few weeks where they will share the experiences of practitioners around the world on why they are engaging in organic farming and why it is important to the people of Fiji and of the Pacific.

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements president Karen Mapusua said the word “organic” is not regulated in Fiji and is something that could be introduced.

Mapusua indicates that for many countries the word “organic” is regulated by the government where certain standards must be met before it is allowed to use the word “organic” on the product.

She adds that the first step is educating consumers so people know what to look for when they buy organic products.

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