As the agricultural season kicks off with the onset of rains, a biochemist and executive director of Transparency and Economic Development Initiatives (TEDI), Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Mr. has sounded the alarm over the activities of scammers who engaged in the sale of bogus bio-fertilizers and other organic products to unsuspecting farmers.

Executive Director of Transparency and Economic Development Initiatives in Ebonyi State, Ogazi Emeka, raised concern during a conversation with the Blueprint report, saying that these deadly counterfeiters who tamper with different products do not know the scientific technology behind the science of deploying good microbial production for the good and benefits of soil, plants, humans and the ecosystem.

According to Ogazi, who also produces organic fertilizers and pesticides, Stem Biofertilizers is enriched with good bacteria bacteriocins and bacteriophages which instantly kill soil pathogenic microbes like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, when sprayed on plants and soil during fertilization, as pathogens are most likely to be carried in water by surface runoff and direct animal access to surface water.

“Rivers serve as sources of drinking water and domestic uses offer the greatest opportunity to transport these pathogens to humans. We sterilize animal waste before using it as a biofertilizer to kill germs.

“The counterfeiters don’t know about them and they are ruining the farmers, ruining the ecosystem, ruining the soil by clogging and imitating real real biofertilizer in the name of making money, they are packing all the stuff for sale to make money. money by promoting biohazards in the market, scam people online to get money by simulating real real bioproducts.

“Encourage farmers to lose their farms and their investments. They are worse than terrorists, their activities are killing innocent citizens, killing the ecosystem, ruining the nation and killing the soil and they have stolen farmers money and killed his farm. They suppose to be rounded up and killed without mercy because these fake biofertilizers pose risks to human health, soil and plants. They promote biohazards via their. The worst thing is that farmers will avoid frequenting organic farming,” he lamented.

He said most of the challenges facing plants start with poor soil, which is barren of life in a natural forest environment.

According to him, the Nigerian agricultural culture is highly anthropogenic, highly destructive, senseless, even animals preserve and promote a better environment than Nigerians.

“Nigerian has no culture and respect for the land, dangerous and harmful things that kill are allowed in Nigeria without knowing that the land is a living organism, provides life, provides food for man, to plants and animals.

“Observe, how Nigerians are deforesting the land for pyrolysis of charcoal for energy, travel to Abuja, the seat of the poor, you cry, life giving trees are being cut down for pyrolysis, because God provides faithfully Natura organic fertilizer every moment, daily and monthly to live soil health fertility, but we destroy it, kill living organisms by our deadly harmful practice, burning, applying dangerous chemicals in the form of granular chemical fertility full of limestone used in the production of cement for building and construction. Application of herbicides and pesticides. I call on the Nigerian government to save us from the wicked rat poison crooks, who adulterate our bio-products,” he said. declared.

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