Using Ball’s HD printing technique, the central design element of the Slim 25 Centiliter Cans features a samurai warrior with a pair of traditional swords called Daisho.

Produced at the Gelsenkirchen, Germany plant, the cans will be available in retail stores across Germany from July in three flavors: Litchi-Lime, Berry-Vanilla and Mango-Pineapple-Coconut.

“The market has long been waiting for a high quality organic product with premium ingredients and a pleasant high, filled in HD printed boxes, which also allow consumers to support animal welfare,” said the chef. German Attila Hildmann. “Daisho will continue to grow and enter new markets – and I see cans are really good for logistics. Plus, they cool down quickly and provide a great drinking experience. We are very happy with the result, the product looks great and our graphics really stand out on the cans.

Uwe Schmolling, Sales Manager Germany for Ball, added: “We really enjoy working with innovative newcomers who are bringing a breath of fresh air to the beverage market. Daisho is a great example of a meticulous product concept that doesn’t compromise. Clearly positioned products like Daisho bring real added value to the German beverage market.

For every can sold, Attila Hildmann supports a tiger conservation project in Kaziranga and Pobitora National Park in India.

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