Union Interior Minister and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah urged dairy giant Amul to lead an initiative to create a marketing infrastructure for organic agricultural products in the country and support the establishment of wealth for farmers.

“There is a need to accelerate the adoption of organic products. It also needs more investment. I urge the leadership of the Amul Federation to develop an infrastructure for biological testing, distribution and marketing. They have a farmer connected to the field and a village network. I know, Amul can do it, ”Shah said.

“You bring a program and we will go to the Prime Minister and the Indian government will also help in this area,” he said after inaugurating the AmulFed Dairy dairy projects in Gandhinagar on Sunday.

India’s largest dairy cooperative, Amul can expand its reach and expand into new areas to replicate the success of cooperatives in other areas, the minister said.

Future project

Shah said it was pure coincidence that Amul is celebrating his 75th birthday alongside India’s 75th anniversary.

“After 25 years, we will be celebrating the centenary of India’s independence and Amul will also be celebrating 100 years. What then will Amul’s position be? I suggest to prepare a plan for the next 25 years and expand the horizons of cooperation and Amul into new areas, ”Shah said, suggesting that this would multiply the income of farmers as there is a huge demand for food. certified organic and reliable in the world.

Earlier today, Shah inaugurated AmulFed Dairy’s new milk powder plant (a unit of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk and Marketing Federation (GCMMF)), a new poly film manufacturing plant, a new storage facility robotics, built collectively with an investment of 415 crore in Gandhinagar.

The high-tech robotic storage facility can store 50 lakh liters of long-life milk in cardboard packages in high-density storage. AmulFed Dairy has an improved milk processing capacity of 50 lakh liters per day (LLPD), compared to LLPD 35. The milk powder factory has a capacity of 150 tons per day (TPD).

More capacity

Shah, accompanied by Chief Minister of Gujarat Bhupendra Patel, Chairman of GCMMF Shamalbhai Patel and other cooperative leaders, inaugurated a new Amul Butter Factory, which triples AmulFed Dairy’s buttermaking capacity from 40 TPD to 120 TPD. The plan allows the dairy to efficiently manage a greater amount of milk fat, especially when the milk supply skyrockets during peak season.

Shamalbhai Patel said that with the new investments and increased capacity, Amul Federation seeks to double the annual turnover from 53,000 lakh crore to 1 lakh crore by 2025.

The Chief Minister of Gujarat called it a great driver for women’s empowerment, as more than 11 Lakh women are engaged in the state dairy cooperative space. In addition to Gujarat, the Amul Federation also sources milk from 13 other states. It has 87 dairy manufacturing plants with a total milk processing capacity of 390 LLPD.

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