Bridging the gap between farmers and buyers with Bakri Chhap products

diwali is a celebration of sharing and giving. A time of year when we tend to feel grateful for what we have and try to bridge the gap between haves and have-nots. The bountiful harvest of farmland sustains us all.

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70% of India is below the rural belt. Farmers are the backbone of our growth structure.

“To forget how to dig the earth and maintain the soil is to forget oneself.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Yet most farmers are neglected. The government is doing its best, but it is difficult to reach every corner.

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Bakri Chap The initiative is developing sustainable agritourism models across India that conserve indigenous products, culture and heritage. They use the Bakri Chhap platform to connect urban travelers and consumers within the rural socio-cultural fabric.

Shop at https://bakrichhap.com/diwali-store

There are 3 verticals of Bakri Chhap-

1. Host family – Thematic villages and hiding places

2. Agro-products

3. Rural community consultation – Capacity building, skills development.

With the help of experts, this initiative has reached thousands of farmers. The value of traditional agricultural products has increased threefold.

They are working on the reverse migration of marginalized farmers through two channels, namely “The Goat Village” and “Bakri Chhap”. While through the former they promoted farm retreats/homestays and revived abandoned villages by taking advantage of their tourism potential, through the latter they provided a market link with indigenous agricultural products grown naturally by the community we worked with.

Shop at https://bakrichhap.com/diwali-store

They managed to completely transform an ecosystem and became the only successful reverse migration model in the state that has one of the highest concentrations of NGOs.

They excel in social engineering and community mobilization to develop micro-entrepreneurial agritourism models. A Bakri Chhap theme village rejuvenates the environmental, agricultural and cultural heritage of 20 to 30 villages.

They have achieved tremendous social equity despite being a for-profit organization.

75 times the number of travelers around Bakri Chhap villages.

200% – Increase in farmland prices.

The value of traditional agricultural products has tripled.

Free insurance and vaccination for 6000 goats

More than 300 muleteers, debt-free after winning Tourism.

80% of farmers have returned to the village

27% increase in the number of women traveling alone

Average villager savings increased 5x

Apart from the above achievements, they actually support each farmer according to their needs. Every grain of the crops is hand-picked by local small-scale, land-based farmers. From sowing, harvesting, grading to packaging, each step is done manually by them and the woman from the villages.

Shop at https://bakrichhap.com/diwali-store

All products are grown via native seeds through natural and traditional farming practices that include the quality of the Himalayan soil and its nutrition.

Also, they have biodegradable and reusable packaging to reduce the carbon footprint of each item purchased by customers.

Shop at https://bakrichhap.com/diwali-store

Above all, the most special thing about Bakri Chhap products is that they give credits and validation to each farmer, through the Bakri Chhap packaging, integrating their image and details with a QR code through which the customer can ‘Reverse Trace’ the actual producer of their product.

Shop at https://bakrichhap.com/diwali-store

Every Diwali, we think about offering something chic, pure, sustainable and well-being to our loved ones.

Bakri Chhap introduced something determined, pure and full of love, agricultural products made by hand directly by their marginalized farmers in the Himalayan region.

So, let’s support such initiatives by ordering these gift baskets and products to your loved ones and light up the homes of our farming community”.

Let’s celebrate the festival in the truest sense by spreading joy and lighting up other people’s world.

Shop at https://bakrichhap.com/diwali-store

Bestsellers :

1. Monoflower raw honey: ❖ Eucalyptus honey

❖Lychee honey

2. Himalayan Red Rice

3. Mandua Flour

4. FAB porridge

5. Himalayan Turmeric Powder

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Diwali Message from NomadLawyer Team

NomadLawyer supports this noble cause this Diwali. Let’s celebrate Diwali without firecrackers.

Recently, many Indian state governments have announced restrictions on the sale and use of fireworks before and on the day of Diwali. Although this may disappoint some of you, there are many harmful effects of cracker popping that you would avoid as a result.

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