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Robyn Mitchell, MannaMarket Organic Food...

In 1994, Robyn Mitchell contracted what he had been told to be toxic Streptococcus A. After falling into a coma and being hospitalized for a month, she began to eat organic fruits and vegetables to heal her body. This is what gave him the idea of ​​starting his own business. “I decided to start an […]

National traceability system will focus ...

TraceThai is currently hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and is just one of the first steps in the government’s plan to familiarize the local food and agriculture industry with technologies such as blockchain, AI, and big data. “We have identified the food and agriculture industry as a key sector to digitize mainly because many […]

“Biomarket will serve as a showcase for

Last week, Biomarket, the first wholesale market devoted exclusively to organic products in Spain, located in Barcelona, ​​launched its commercial activity. One of the most active companies in this market is Hnos. Fernández, which has three stands offering organic products and services to its customers and suppliers. “Many companies come to the Barcelona market, Mercabarna, […]