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What is the best conventional or organic...

Researchers writing in the journal Sustainability of nature state that life cycle assessment (LCA), one of the most common methods to assess the environmental impacts of agriculture and food, often tends to overlook vital factors, such as biodiversity, soil quality, the impacts of pesticides and societal changes. These oversights could lead to mistaken conclusions about […]

All the reasons why organic doesn’t dese

Negative headlines on carbon footprint of organic farming do not give a big picture of its environmental benefits, say Christel Cederberg and Hayo van der Werf Environment | Comment March 16, 2020 Through Christel cederberg and Hayo van der Werf Organic farming is less efficient, but is it worse for the environment? Valentin Valkov / […]

Demand for organic products spreads to m...

KANSAS CITY – An Anheuser-Busch commercial for organic light lager beer aired in February during Super Bowl LIV to an estimated 102 million people. The TV spot began with a call to action: “America, less than 1% of our farmland is organic, and farmers who wish to make the transition face monumental challenges. What if […]