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Organic products in Japan: high standard...

This is the opinion of the general manager of the Merchandising department of Bio c ‘Bon, Akiteru Imai, who shared his point of view at FoodEx Japan. The company was formed as a joint venture between Japanese organic pioneers Aeon and Marne & Finance Europe, which operates Bio c ‘Bon in France. It currently operates […]

Natural & Organic Products Europe April

Note: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the authors and contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher and editors of WholeFoods Magazine. Organic, natural, ethical, vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly are all widely used terms you’ll see at this weekend’s trade show for buyers of natural and organic products. Natural […]

The tide is turning as farm workers figh...

Many people choose organic foods to protect themselves and their families from exposure to pesticides. But choosing organic also means helping to create a healthier food system for everyone, from farm to fork. All too often, discussions about pesticides in the food system exclude the men, women and children who plant, maintain and harvest our […]

Organic farming can reduce E. Coli conta...

Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash According to a new study, organic farming could reduce the spread of foodborne pathogens thanks to the greater biodiversity of organic soil, particularly the presence of soil microbes and insects. The study, which was published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, found that farmers seeking to reduce the spread […]

The subsidized illusions of “organic” ag

With worldwide sales of nearly 85 billion euros in 2017, “organic” products have captured the hearts and the plates of many consumers and are indicative of legitimate food concerns. However, the health and environmental benefits it claims rest on shaky scientific grounds. The very philosophy of “organic” is questionable from a methodological point of view. […]