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Five Facts You Should Know About Organic...

From small town farmers’ markets to grocery stores, organic produce is everywhere. People seem to love organic produce because it’s ethically grown, generally better for the earth, and healthier, right? Here are five things you need to know about organic fruits and vegetables. “Organic” labeling The Webster Dictionary the definition of organic farming is “of, […]

Good news if you buy organic food – it’s

DETROIT (AP) – U.S. buyers always pay more for organic food, but the price premium is diminishing as organic options proliferate. Last year, organic foods and beverages cost an average of 24 cents more per unit than conventional foods, about 7.5% more, according to Nielsen. This was down from a premium of 27 cents, or […]

Does organic farming contribute to clima...

What is better for the environment: organic or conventional agriculture? For consumers trying to make smart food choices, this is an important question. A new international study reveals that organic farming actually contributes more to climate change than conventional farming. The study argues that since organic farming requires slightly more land for the same yield, […]