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Glyphosate found in Tesco, Waitrose Orga...

[ad_1] The Organics Council’s environmental action group has detected “trace levelsOf the pesticide glyphosate in two of three certified organic cereals and cereal products he tested as part of his Organic Multi-Residue Pesticide Investigation Basket, which examined various certified organic items purchased from UK supermarkets . Content of the Organics Council’s 2018 Organic Pesticide Survey […]

What if “organic” agriculture had not ye

[ad_1] A new food scandal is brewing … We learned a few days ago of the discovery of Fipronil and about fifteen unapproved products in eggs from the organic sector. The case, which was raised by the NGO Foodwatch, comes from the Netherlands. As a reminder, this substance is an antiparasitic used to fight against […]

Organic food business scenario

[ad_1] With growing awareness and benefits of organic food; over the past decade, sales of organic food products have increased sharply in supermarkets. It grew by 20% per year, targeting between 2% and around 3.5% by the end of the decade. Today, consumers see organic dietary supplements as a healthy and nutritious option to keep […]