The Reality Of Search Engine Submissions

No, I have not been paid off to write this article. The only thing I get out of this is the satisfaction that maybe, just maybe, somebody reading this will actually get something out of it. Why? Well, I’m getting a little sick and tired of people complaining to me that they can’t get any traffic to their site and want to know what they can do to attract people. I tell them, but they don’t want to listen. What do I tell them? I tell them to write articles and submit them to Ezine Articles, just like the one you’re reading now. Why should they do this? I’ll give you some very good reasons if you’ll keep reading.

But you need to think beyond the price. Look for companies who have years of expertise behind them in SEO. Just because a company gives you alexa rank improvement at cheap prices do not necessarily mean that it will be effective enough.

I encourage you to go to my blog and go to the url and read the intro, study the intro, and then reread it again. I do not believe this concept has fully caught on yet, but in the end, it would akin to some huge companies getting a little smaller, and us small guys getting huge!

Now, I’m not going to give you a crush course on real estate investments, it’s just it’s important that you see all those factors while I’ll analyze another side of the coin – a website.

We seem to understand the importance of keyword research perfectly well. We target the right keywords that speak the language of the searchers because they won’t find our website otherwise. Yet as soon as the visitor gets on our website he’s supposed to guess what exactly we mean by the names of our categories and site sections.

Always ask for reference. Contact the provider and ask them for recent works that they have done. If they give you contacts of their recent clients, make a call and ask them if they were satisfied with the service and if they were successful. Abandon companies which do not give you references. Companies with a good client base are better even if they are costly.

Content is King. Google likes up-to-date fresh content. Update or add new information to your site on a regular basis. Like once a day if you can! Show the GoogleBot that your business is alive and well and not some Internet artifact. Write new articles about your products or services, or update existing ones. Start a blog. Open a forum. There’s all kinds of neat, easy-to-do things you can do which keeps your site actual, both for the search engines and your prospective clients.

Mass mailings. Although this is one of the oldest ways to generate sales leads, it is still one of the most effective. Create a compelling letter that contains the benefits that your products can offer. Make it sound human as much and possible. Then, include an easy way for your prospects to contact you. For best results, offer incentives to all those people who respond right away.

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The Reality Of Search Engine Submissions

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