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Interesting cos for those of you familiar with how I come across my learning experiences on matters spiritual (right click your mouse to read more here) you will know that I haven’t actually ever formally studied any of these matters.

At a later date, Plato was sent to Syracuse in 367 B.C.E. to train Dionysus II after the death of Dionysus I. Dion, the brother-in-law of Dionysus I, believed that if Plato trained Dionysus II, the new ruler, in science and philosophy, he would be able to prevent Carthage from invading Sicily. However, this plan did not work; as Plato had predicted, because Dionysus II became jealous of Dion, so he forced him out of Syracuse. Dion attacked Syracuse in 357 B.C.E. and he gained control, however, he was murdered three years later.

There are certainly more than humans on the astral plane. I have encountered ancestral ancestors, ancestral animal and mythical beings, in fact all manner of natural, breathing phenomena. And yes – there are demonic and dangerous type creatures and people there too. The astral plane is neither heaven nor hell.

Even a superficial understanding of Cosmology news and biology will show that it doesn’t make sense that the universe and complex life arose by mere chance. So if the universe and life didn’t happen by chance, the only other alternative was to conclude that God created the whole box and dice.

Hundreds of years ago, even Western society took a hard line against people who transgressed. The philosopher Michel Foucault however, points out that it was only relatively recently that Western society gave up the idea that the best approach could be punishment by an eye for an eye. And this change in society’s direction was caused by a growing understanding about how to institutionalise people-in schools and hospitals then the idea progressed to the advent of prisons.

They say we must be crazy to believe in God… I say, anyone who has this kind of evidence of God’s fingerprints everywhere around them, in them, on them, and permeating every possible facet of their little lives and still doesn’t believe, now that’s crazy… and sad… and inspires our mission to teach all that much more. “For faith without works is dead.” Our teaching others is our work. There is no Christian cruise control.

How can you blend into the universe? Make yourself some tea. While you are making tea, the herbs infuse themselves into the water. When you drink it, you experience a bit of joy. When you place yourself into the fiery energy of your belly, you are infusing yourself with the multi-dimensional universe. When you get especially good at it, you experience Nirvana. This is meditation, relax and let it happen.

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Om Symbol Tibetan Jewelry

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